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Get into zen with this easy to use full-featured free project management software.


Your new project management software can manage projects and handle tasks. You can also see your projects on a kanban, a calendar, or a timeline. Leave comments for others on your team to see, email your team about new and updated projects, and share documents with your team. Even manage your contacts in this powerful free project management software. Register now to see all that you can do!


You already have so much to do! Choose simple free project management software.


Your non-profit is probably too under-staffed, too under-funded, and frankly just too busy to pay for and learn new software. Well, relax! Breathe. Allen Wrench free project management software is designed with you in mind. While, not sacrificing functionality, AW is intuitive and easy to use allowing you to focus on your project.

Free Project Management Software
Free Project Management Software

There's no catch. It's free!


Allen Wrench is NOT "freemium". Everything is FREE! See your tasks through to the end with every feature imaginable. View your projects on a timeline, kanban, or calendar for free. Upload as many documents as you want for free. Email your team about updates for free. And leave comments on anything for, yes, FREE! Enjoy every feature this free project management software has to offer. Singup now for the best.

We offer FREE 24/7 support.


Yep! One-on-one support for your free project management software is available anytime of the day. AW2 creators are just an email away. Need help? Contact Get up and running or just jump a hurdle in no time with friendly fast customer support.

FREE Project Management Software

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Finally 100% free project management

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